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1679   Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom: 6-Month Training Program
1677   Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom: One Day Workshop
1635   Healing the Energy Body Weekend Training
1645   The Art and Joy of Meditation
1640   Yokibics Mind Body Fitness Small Groups
1204-D   40 Simple Steps
1006   AM and PM Yoga Meditations - 2CD
1004   AM Yoga Meditations CD
1004-D   AM Yoga Meditations mp3
1106-D   Anatomy of a Trauma - mp3
1304   Caring for the Caregiver
Donation-1   Children's Meditations Project - 2012
1600   Complimentary sneak peak Yokibics Class
1008   Conscious Eating 2CD, Book & Cards
1303   Cultural Creative Joy Ride
1400   Energy Reading
1010   Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom - 2 CD Set
1010-D   Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom - mp3
1010-P   Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom - PLAYAWAY
1401   Hands-on Healing Session
1002   Living Joy Guided Relaxations CD
1002-D   Living Joy Guided Relaxations mp3
1003   Living Peace & Joy - 2CD
1001   Living Peace Guided Relaxations CD
1001-D   Living Peace Guided Relaxations mp3
1007-D   Meditations for Emotional Freedom - mp3
1007   Meditations for Emotional Freedom CD
1105-D   Meditations for Pain - mp3
1630   Moving through the Medicine Wheel
1009   My Fearless Flyer - 2CD
1009-D   My Fearless Flyer - mp3
1776H   New Client 3 pack:
1776J   New Client 6 Pack:
1005   PM Yoga Meditations CD
1005-D   PM Yoga Meditations mp3
1290   Sentient Monkey - Gael's Essential Oil Cream
1202   Spiritual Warrior Coaching Manual
1300   Telephone or Skype Coaching Session
1650   The Emotional Genius: a Yokibics® Practitioners Course
1610   The Meaning and Medicine of Yokibics
1301   Three Session Crisis Intervention
1615   Yoga and The Emotional Genius
1776K   Yoga Therapy Ongoing Contract:
1119   Yokibics Mindbody Fitness DVD
1200   Yokibics Mindbody Workbook for Everyday Living
1201   Yokibics Practical Guide to Healing
1107-D   Your Special Program mp3 & CD

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