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1001   Living Peace Guided Relaxations CD
1679   Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom: 6-Month Training Program
1677   Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom: One Day Workshop
1635   Healing the Energy Body Weekend Training
1645   The Art and Joy of Meditation
1640   Yokibics Mind Body Fitness Small Groups
1204-D   40 Simple Steps
1006   AM and PM Yoga Meditations - 2CD
1004   AM Yoga Meditations CD
1004-D   AM Yoga Meditations mp3
1106-D   Anatomy of a Trauma - mp3
1304   Caring for the Caregiver
Donation-1   Children's Meditations Project - 2012
1600   Complimentary sneak peak Yokibics Class
1008   Conscious Eating 2CD, Book & Cards
1303   Cultural Creative Joy Ride
1400   Energy Reading
1010   Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom - 2 CD Set
1010-D   Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom - mp3
1010-P   Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom - PLAYAWAY
1401   Hands-on Healing Session
1002   Living Joy Guided Relaxations CD
1002-D   Living Joy Guided Relaxations mp3
1003   Living Peace & Joy - 2CD
1001-D   Living Peace Guided Relaxations mp3
1007-D   Meditations for Emotional Freedom - mp3
1007   Meditations for Emotional Freedom CD
1105-D   Meditations for Pain - mp3
1630   Moving through the Medicine Wheel
1009   My Fearless Flyer - 2CD
1009-D   My Fearless Flyer - mp3
1005   PM Yoga Meditations CD
1005-D   PM Yoga Meditations mp3
1290   Sentient Monkey - Gael's Essential Oil Cream
1202   Spiritual Warrior Coaching Manual
1300   Telephone or Skype Coaching Session
1650   The Emotional Genius: a Yokibics® Practitioners Course
1610   The Meaning and Medicine of Yokibics
1301   Three Session Crisis Intervention
1615   Yoga and The Emotional Genius
1776G   Yoga Lifestyle Course
1119   Yokibics Mindbody Fitness DVD
1200   Yokibics Mindbody Workbook for Everyday Living
1201   Yokibics Practical Guide to Healing
1776   Yokibics Yoga Therapy
1107-D   Your Special Program mp3 & CD

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