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Living Peace Guided Relaxations CD
Living Peace Guided Relaxations CD

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Living Peace is a wonderfully restorative recording that has found a permanent spot on my iPod.

In four-15-minute segments, Gael Chiarella, director of the Yokibics Institute for Personal Development, guides listeners through meditations entitled Practicing Relaxation, Being Present, Feeling Ease and Living Peace. Each one is like a little getaway. I discovered this recording here at the library and liked it so much I bought one for myself. I listen to it at least a few times each month. I turn to it when I need to de-stress, or regain focus. I always find a new perspective listening to it.

Listening to these meditations and others that Chiarella has recorded, are my favorite way to start the day. A soothing voice might seem like a no-brainer for this kind of recording, but I have found that some relaxation CDs are recorded by people who are not well-suited for it. Chiarella’s voice is lovely and reassuring without sounding too sugary. Look for Living Peace and find a little tranquility.

With her uniquely soothing voice, Gael Chiarella, creator of the best-selling CD AM & PM Yoga Meditations, leads you through a series of 15-minute guided relaxation meditations. Through the processes of self-awareness, yogic breathing, mindfulness, and simply letting go, Gael will take you to a place of deep relaxation, balance, grace, and ease. By guiding you with her heart and spirit, as only she can do, Gael offers you the gift of truly understanding that real peace is available to you at every moment. Track List: 1) Introduction 2) Practicing Relaxation 3) Being Present 4) Feeling Ease 5) Living Peace