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40 Simple Steps
40 Simple Steps

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The 40 SIMPLE STEPS e-book offers a framework for living the Eight Limbs of Yoga and then some! Five exercises for each one of the eight limbs offers a comprehensive and practical path to this age-old system of spiritual embodiment that is often difficult to comprehend when viewed separately. Beautifully illustrated and easy to read. by Gael Chiarella Alba

I have always been attracted to making the esoteric both practical and simple. When life happens and the rubber inevitably meets the road (your child winds up in an accident - a parent dies - you lose your job - money is tight - you hear that diagnosis, and your world starts to spin - it is especially important that you have a system in place for handling the extraordinary.

This comes, I have found, out of your practice of the ordinary. In other words, the way you live is the way you live, in good times and in bad, in life and in death.

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or just wondering what this yoga thing is all about, 40 Simple Steps is a gift I give to you to help you practice all Eight Limbs of the timeless system called Yoga for bodymindspirit wellbeing.

Simple Steps are both easy and comprehensive offering step by step, breath by breath solutions and ways to handle it all.

Ways of being that support your innate ability to thrive are what forms the substance of Simple Steps.