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Moving through the Medicine Wheel
Moving through the Medicine Wheel



We will create and move an inspiring asana practice through the four doors of creation drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.

In the East we face clarity, the South courage and compassion, the West growth and the North rest and integration.
Each of the four sections of the wheel invites us to contemplate its meaning in relationship to our hearts longing and our choices.  This of course determines our outcomes.  The Wheel gives us a systematized approach to addressing any life question.

Our actions within the wheel give us the opportunity for embodiment.

You can tailor this framework for your own continuing practice. The movements can be adjusted and advanced over time.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.

 “If my home were on fire, one of the top 10 things I would grab to take would be my iPod with your meditations.  In any crisis, our survival is more than the financial, the memories, and the obvious.  Your meditations, and the love and support you have shown me in my time of extreme healing, have many days been the primary contribution to continuing to put one foot in front of the other when I felt like giving up.  I think of you every single day as I use your love, energy, and voice to move me forward.” Jamie D. Sebens, Efficiency Consultant

Friday  October 8th,  Class from 7 PM - 9 PM
Saturday October 9th, Workshop from 10 AM to 3 PM.

$25 Friday Class. May be taken independently.
$80 Workshop Fee. Includes the class.