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Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom: 6-Month Training Program
<span style=font-size:12pt;>Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom: 6-Month Training Program</span>


6-month deep dive training for those interested in this innovative and comprehensive body of work. This is a module of Spiritual Warrior Training.
Flow Into the Yoga of Emotional Freedom
With the growth in Yogas popularity we have a tremendous opportunity to advance the study of emotional genius while on the mat, providing a home for a body of knowledge that we do not teach in schools or institutions, and one that has a profound affect upon society as a whole. The principles of emotional genius are basic, and simple to learn like an asana practice. Adding wisdom to the routines that we embrace while on - and then off - the mat broadens the reach and effectiveness of the practice. We move from a culture of body practices into the realm of true holistic expression of our lively passion in the world.
This is ground breaking territory from traditional education, and it can be taught. With the power inherent in highlighting emotional wellbeing while engaging physical and mental yogic practices there is no one better suited for hosting this initiative than the yoga teacher, yoga therapist, energy practitioner or bodyworker.
Program Description
Flow into the experience of a meaningful connection to your emotional bodymindspirit and connect the language of your emotions with the asanas of your body. Embrace the movements and embody the acceptance of all that your feelings are meant to offer. This system of energy anatomy is available to everyone and easily accessed once you familiarize yourself with the meaning behind the flow.
This is empowering territory - a must have for any seeker body, mind and spirit. We will create experience through asana movement, language statements, guided meditations and insights that support your movement into greater states of freedom and joy.
Deep Dive Content
Program meets once a month for 6 months on the 2nd Sunday of the month beginning November. A manual and a 90-minute audio program will be offered with the course.
* Session 1: (November) Overview of the Yokibics framework introducing an innovative system of conscious language skills with practical applications for emotional healing.
* Session 2: (December) The nature of pain as a path to insight. Keeping the baby while releasing the bath water.
* Session 3: (January) Movement and stasis.
* Session 4: (February) Applying the language of energetic touch. How is the physical data informing us?
* Session 5: (March) Physican, heal thyself
* Session 6: (April) Closing the loop and implementing the system body, mind and spirit.
Participant Learning Objectives
To experience a conscious awareness and hands-on working relationship with the emotional body and the physical practice of yoga through a systematic approach to understanding the energy anatomy of emotions and healing touch with asana. Benefits include:
To learn seven specific skill sets for responding to emotions in others and ourselves.
To be more connected to the opportunities inherent in traditional yoga asana, and develop a non-invasive method of healing touch.
To heighten states of self-awareness as we create new avenues for transformation through emotional genius.
Teaching Methods
Embodiment through meditative guided imagery, recognition and practice.
Simple and straightforward, this is a framework that is easy to replicate.
Incorporating the language of emotional genius empowers the student, the teacher and the community at large. As we encourage and enlighten, we provide the ways and means for transformation of the negative affects of the emotions observed. The embodiment of emotional genius offers yet another important element through which the practice of yoga leads to peace and fulfillment.
Facilitator Gael Chiarella Alba ERYT 500
My life work has been to demonstrate the therapeutic value of mindbody integration and train practitioners in the art itself through the integrity of embodiment. My studies, beginning in the late 70s, gave me the privilege and opportunity to work with many masters representing numerous schools of movement and thought. This combined influence and my professional work in the field has created an embracing non-dogmatic approach to teaching healing touch and the emotional body through a system called "The Yokibics Way."
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