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Holistic breakthrough mentoring to move you toward your authentic intentions, help you release self-sabotage and activate your unique wellbeing. No Pills, No Pain, No Years of Therapy with Warrior Coaching via phone or skype.

Free 30 minute consultation

Cultural Creative Joy Ride Caring for the Caregiver
Free discovery session to determine our best opportunities for long-term value.
Free closing session to solidify your gains or plan continuity strategies.
Free discovery session to determine our best opportunities for long-term value.
Free closing session to solidify your gains or plan continuity strategies.
Three Session Crisis Intervention Telephone or Skype Coaching Session
Three concise coaching calls
Address a subject that needs attention.
A framework to navigate from circumstance to choice.
Energy Reading Hands-on Healing Session
Energy Body Reading via phone or Skype.
All health relies on a clear energy system.

In Person Hands On Healing.
All health relies on a clear energy system.

On this page below, you'll find several options to work with Gael and her coaching team to establish Yo-KI-BICS principles in your daily practice through Spiritual Warrior Coaching offered predominantly via telephone and skype. You will experience distance learning, mentoring and support for the most valued aspects of your life.

Enjoy Increases In

Emotional Flow
State of Ease
Calm, Peace, Security
Sense of Self Reliance
Connection to Your Own Spiritual Wisdom
Divine Guidance and Intuition
Deeper Breathing
Clear Direction
Passion and Power
Ability to Create
Commitment to Getting Things Done
Productivity in the Direction of Choice
Physical Radiance
Loving Kindness
Depth of Communication

Enjoy Decreases In

Feeling Isolated
Out of Touch with Appetites
Desire for Medication
Feelings of Punishment or Revenge
Physical Stress
Psychological Stress
Emotional Stress
Aches and Pains
Money Worries
Relationship Challenges
Sleep Problems

According to the Yo Ki BICS framework, everything we do and everything we can become is made more powerful by yoking (or binding) body, mind and spirit, and purposefully directing these inherent energies into the action! The BICS of successful action are Belief, Integrity, Choice and Service.
With patience and practice we can demonstrate the secrets of peace, joy and Divinity hidden within the soul.
You already know the need for physical health and wellbeing. You realize the value of exercise, rest, recovery and good nutrition. You have studied the self-help programs, listened to the gurus (whether Chopra or Oprah) and processed your wounds by forgiving your parents.
Now, if you are ready for the next step - the one that carries the most important implication for every single aspect of your life - step into a leadership role in shaping your life and get all the support you need for using the tools already inherent in your own framework.
You move out of the world of circumstance and into the realm of creation when you choose to become a Spiritual Warrior.
Together when we commit to creating our lives according to the truth of our vision, we have something of lasting value to share with the generations that follow. Living a life of contribution in this way is the clearest path to true happiness.
Click one of the icons below for easy online booking, or contact or call 610-707-2851 to set up a consultation. If you then choose to proceed, we will set up an easy payment plan for you here through the website.